Psalm 20:4

The Scripture is replete with references to the limitless desires of God to do YOU good. His thoughts are numerous, His plans are good, His pleasure is your prosperity and in Psalm 37:4 He tells us through King David that the only requirement on our part is that we delight in Him. It’s not hard to do this when we realize God’s nature is to bless us and His nature is good. We’re reminded by Paul in Romans 2:4 that it’s “the riches of God’s kindness and tolerance and patience… it’s the goodness/kindness of God that draws us to repentance.” God wants a friend, He wanted one from the beginning in Adam and Eve and He is still looking for friends today! Once He finds a friend, He shows him/her ALL of His goodness. And friend, no one can measure the goodness of God. He is immeasurable! Make a commitment this year to the Lord and to yourself that you will choose to meditate on His goodness and loving-kindness rather than anything else! As we do this we will realize that He is CAUSING ALL our plans to succeed, simply because our love and friendship has caused us to delight in Him and our desires have changed from a self-centered focus to desires that please Him in all we do and say! #agraciouslife #itsabeautifulthing