Love-is-patientMy thoughts are often consumed with the love of God. I meditate on His love daily; sometimes almost all day long. I want to KNOW His love, His immeasurable, incomprehensible love. I’m convinced now after decades of walking with the Lord that there is yet more and more to know and yet that my limited revelation of His love has but scratched only the surface.

On this eve of Valentine’s Day, I’m again contemplating His love and reminding myself of what His love really looks like. We can see it clearly and understand it more profoundly as we go over and over again 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Love is patient, love is kind…

The overwhelming thought in my heart as I consider His Word on unlimited love again, is this love that Paul speaks of is a blueprint for Christians, a way of life, to live and to love not as mere men, but as God’s love has been shed abroad in our own hearts by the Holy Spirit. These words spoken by Paul and brought out in meaning through the Greek language make it very clear what God’s love in us IS and what God’s love in us IS NOT.

It’s good to revisit the truth of God’s Word, especially if we’ve walked with Him for any length of time. A young believer KNOWS clearly what he/she has been saved from and that it is God’s pure and powerful love and goodness that has saved them through Christ.  It’s good to KNOW His love and to teach it to those God has entrusted to our care; whether children, family, friends or fellow believers.

I’m doing this very thing in a Bible study I will lead this morning. We’re revisiting God’s love and learning again to live this way; we are living to love! I’ll also upload the handout I created, a Valentine’s Day card, to share with others or use as a reminder to self as we all grow together in God’s immeasurable love and learning to give this love to every person we encounter throughout our days.

KNOW this that YOU are loved by God with an everlasting love, a never ending love, that is beyond anything you can comprehend. I pray today that God’s love would overwhelm you in such sweet and life-changing ways; I’m asking the same for myself!

Here’s to gracious living where love abounds and life unfolds in beautiful ways as heaven comes to earth through those who call upon the Lord and love their God!

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