WP_20140213_003Super excited this morning because my new nutrition supplements arrived yesterday! In my weight loss journey I chose initially to use a certain company’s products because a dear friend had great success losing weight with the supplements it offered. I recently decided to switch products because I learned that the supplements I had been taking were laced with synthetics. In other words, they were “man-made.”

I made a commitment to myself last year to choose LIFE and to choose God’s ways as it pertained to my healthcare. One of those commitments was to use ONLY whole, pure products and nutrition, whether it was food, skincare, healthcare, or supplemental nutrition. When I read an article about the berry juice I was drinking to boost my immune system was laced with synthetic, out it went!

Yesterday, my new whole berry drink arrived and I couldn’t be happier. When I read the label I learned the product needed to be refrigerated and had a shelf life of only 30 days! A very clear indication that it is whole and fresh! The product I was taking has a shelf live of two years, requiring refrigeration only after it was opened. Considering “whole” and “fresh” makes me think of God’s provision, remember the manna God gave His people when they left Egypt? It only had a “shelf life” of 24 hours. Talk about trust in God, there’s a faith builder of the highest order!

Here’s the deal, our bodies were not created to handle all the synthetic, chemicals,  artificial flavors and coloring, and preservatives that our food supply is flooded with today. Think of this, all the man-made medicine, food (GMOs), additives, etc. have been in our food supply for only the past half century or so. It’s all about the almighty dollar. The cheaper products can be made the more money a company earns. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against capitalism, I AM proudly a capitalist. I believe God WANTS HIS PEOPLE prosperous, but He did not create our bodies to handle man-made substance. Period! It’s a common sense thing to me.

God wants YOU to prosper and BE IN HEALTH even as your soul prospers. Spirit, soul and BODY. I have never regretted one day of my life eating WHOLE, God provided food and supplement. My body feels GREAT, my mind is clear, and my heart is FULL towards my God and His Christ! Healing and wholeness are YOUR’s, we’re not waiting on it… It is NOW!

Choose LIFE, I did and I’m not turning back.

Anyway, I’ll be drinking my NingXia Red from here on out and I’ll be using the Young Living weight loss products Slique and sharing with you, my friends, on the success of losing the last of my body’s unwanted weight. If all the Israelites in Egypt left, none feeble among them, then I want to leave this earth the same way! And, tell everyone I love the TRUTH about what God has already given us for LIFE… in this life!

A gracious life is all about sharing, one that does not withhold but gives freely of ALL things learned and ALL things lovely. This is what I want to share with you because I care about you and whosoever might land here and be encouraged by God’s love and truth.