I’ve been cleansing all week. It’s probably the fifth time I’ve officially completed a cleanse which is really a miracle for me because my first foray into cleansing was with The Master Cleanse. For those who are cleansing aficionados, you know the intensity and severity of The Master Cleanse especially the first time. I have to say, I almost died, or more accurately, I felt like I was going to die. On day three, I got severe flu symptoms and viral symptoms so bad I was in bed for three consecutive days barely able to lift my head except when I was forced into the bathroom by some demanding bodily function. I could have changed my name over those few days to Toxic Tammy because evidently my body was overloaded with waste and potential future disease. Can I just say here my body had become a toxic waste dump! Sad but true!

After that episode, I didn’t cleanse for years. Frankly, I was scared to. Then when I made the choice to start living healthy, I thought I have to do this. Over the past two and a half years I’ve successfully completed four cleanses. I’m so happy I did. The first of the most recent cleanses did come with the normal headache, fatigue, and muscle aches, but it was nothing like the explosive reaction my body had years earlier with the very first cleanse. I’ve been pleasantly surprised after each cleanse at how much easier it gets when I decided to make it a priority and ate healthy foods while supplementing my body between each one.

I’ve completed liver cleanses, colon cleanses, and parasite cleanses.  All have been of great benefit to my body and overall well-being. I’m sure I’ll do another cleanse over the summer.

Cleansing is a very important thing to me right now in light of the recent death of one of my closest first cousins. She was only 5 years older and died from liver failure. I remember the Hospice doctor saying that he wanted to send her liver for testing because he could not understand why a 56-year-old woman’s liver failed. I don’t like second guessing everything and presuming that I know more than I do, but I can’t help but wonder if she had been someone who cleansed her liver regularly, would this have been the fulfillment of her days on earth. It really breaks my heart, but also spurs me on in my own quest for better health. I do love her so much and rejoice that I will see her again in heaven.

So friends, I would encourage you to add cleansing to your regular health routine. And use products that are whole, organic, and pure. I just used a new product, Young Living Cleansing Trio. It was very gentle, although I will tell you if you have never cleansed and your body is overloaded with toxins you may have some severe flu-like symptoms to begin with. Just stay with it and know that as you continue to eat and live healthy, pray and ask the Lord for help, your body will get to the place where there is a limited amount of toxins in it and cleansing will be a welcomed time of further dedication to the Lord.

I share because I love and I want my friends and family to fulfill every moment God has planned for them in this earth.  Don’t ever forget what the Apostle John prayed for you, “Beloved, concerning ALL THINGS, I desire that you prosper, and be in HEALTH, even as your souls prospers” (Young’s Literal Translation).

This is my prayer for you and for me! And, that as we learn and grow in knowledge of ALL THINGS that we would be those that share what we’ve learned of Christ and of LIFE with everyone we encounter along the way!