Pipette and bottle of essential oilLosing weight garners great physical and emotional rewards. After all the “baggage” leaves, literally, there’s one nagging thing left… sagging skin! If you think you have too much, don’t be quick to go under the knife for relief! Have you ever known someone who had excess skin cut off their body? I have and without a doubt whether the person was obese or just wanted a tummy tuck, all said the pain was excruciating.

This is because skin is actually an organ. In fact, skin is the largest organ of the body. Our skin thins as we age (loss of collagen) and the effects of gravity take over causing things to sag. Couple that with loss of fat and the results can be shocking, I know I’m dealing with it right now! I’m learning though that our skin or the collagen that keeps it plump, with the right nutrients can be revitalized without surgery. The results may not be as drastic, but we will look younger as a result of allowing our skin to repair itself over time.

The BEST collagen booster in the laboratory is Vitamin C. And the second best thing about this is I don’t have to pay a hundred dollars for a tiny jar. Whew, good news! If I had to go this route, I would need a fleet of trucks to deliver for my skin right now!

I can actually make the serum myself with all pure products for pennies on the dollar! My husband is now cheering because his bank account is not in jeopardy! I found a great recipe on a site I love to visit, Wellness Mama… If you’re interested visit and get the recipe. She provides her readers with links to all the products she used in the recipe and also mentions that she takes both gelatin and vitamin C internally every day to help boost collagen production in her body! I like this idea, it’s always good to attack our problems both internally and externally! And this “DIY Vitamin C Serum” takes only 5 minutes to make, yes, 5 minutes!

I’ll let you know as I use the serum how my skin responds, but don’t expect a follow-up next week. I’m going to apply this serum for at least 4 months and then I’ll let you know.

Another factor to consider that will help sagging skin is exercise. According to Jillian Michaels of Biggest Loser fame, loss of muscle tone is also a culprit of sagging skin. Toning and muscle rebuilding are equally important for reducing skin sag and good health. No doubt making sure we get enough of both will increase our overall sense of well-being!

So here’s to homemade serum, beauty products, and everything else pure and whole and fresh.

Those of you who know me well, know I have a little saying, “I like to keep my money in my pocket,” and I do, and this is one of the best ways to do it. Why pay too much for a product when we don’t have a clue what’s really in it or what the ramifications will be for putting it on our bodies? When, in 5 minutes, I can do this myself and rest peacefully knowing I’ve done my best for myself and my family!