baking-soda-teeth-whiteningNine months ago I was referred to a periodontist for severe dental issues that I have battled for the past fifteen years. After my assessment, I was given a proposed treatment regimen that would have cost me about $4000 repairing everything from gum surgery to bone grafts and beyond. Over the years I have had at least three rounds of “deep cleaning” that required Novocain to repair these same gum and pocket issues to no avail.

After the initial sticker shock and fear subsided, I opted out of surgery choosing rather to go the natural route, which required changing every product I was currently using to care for my teeth and gums. I had five months before my next regular appointment for cleaning, and I thought it’s now or never, let’s see if all this “natural remedy” and “tooth healing” stuff really works.

My first return to the “chair” produced much skepticism from my family dentist and hygienist for making such a “radical” decision. As I left I noticed the looks and could sense the disapproving thoughts from both of them, ” well, we will see how that works out for you.” I have to admit I was a little scared. Who was I to question medical professionals? They both certainly know more than little ole me about how to care for my teeth. Of course all the thoughts ran through my brain…. “you’re going to lose every tooth in your mouth, spend much more money on dental implants and dentures than you ever would have if you chose surgery.” But, I was determined not to quit my natural regimen. I thought, this will take consistency but it’s the least I can give to my choppers!

Today I went for my second cleaning since making those “radical” changes and got the best report I’ve received in 15 years regarding the health of my gums and teeth! My gums are in great condition and no issues with pockets, teeth healthy, strong and good. For the first time in more than a decade I left the dentist office laughing with my bank account in tact. Whew!!!! To say I am a believer of natural dental remedies would be an understatement. I’m “over the moon” happy I opted out of surgery and bone grafting, and that I didn’t dole out $4,000 of our hard-earned money… Wooooo hoooooo!!!!!!

Here’s all what I did.

Daily brushing with Baking Soda

Rinsing with Salt Water

Daily Flossing

I recently added Oil Pulling with organic, cold pressed Coconut Oil. And I expect from this addition, to get an ever BETTER REPORT in tumblr_mmgc1x2gLw1qmk3s5o1_500six months. I’ll be sure to share my results with you. And I hope everyone will do their own research when it comes to healthcare of any sort. It’s worth the effort and if you are like me, who pays cash for all her services, then you will be happy to keep your money where it belongs… in YOUR pocket!