God has given us every provision we need for healing our bodies and walking in wholeness through Christ!

Healing Powerhouse

Charlana Kelly is an independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils #1287007

Just six days ago, I should have broken my leg or ankle except for the grace and mercy of God. Here’s a little backstory. I was on our farm tractor on Sunday afternoon, a good five feet off the ground. When I started to climb down off the tractor, my left foot slipped through the step and my shoe caught behind it. I literally started falling backward with my foot stuck. In an instant I grabbed the bars and held myself off the ground, if I had not been able to do this I would have snapped my shin in to. When I fell I heard my knee grind hard and was certain I had torn ligaments as the least.

I was able to hold myself up off the ground and get my foot turned to bring it out from the back of the step and put it on the ground, then I slowly lowered myself to the ground sat there for a couple of minutes and prayed hard! Thank God that when I got up I was able to put some weight on that leg without collapsing. I knew I had to get to my essential oils quickly, so I finished my task and got to the house to start application and prayer again.

First, I applied what I knew to apply. Peppermint for the inflammation, helichrysum for blood clots and bruising, and frankincense for prayer and well because all of the ancient writings about this sacred oil say it is good for everything from a broken head to a broken toe. I anointed my leg with these oils again in the evening before I went to bed.

Next morning there was swelling, stiffness, a knot at the side of my ankle, and grinding in the knee, but praise God NO BRUISING at all…. NONE! I continued to anoint and pray and thank God for the miracle. Still I wasn’t able to straighten out my knee and my ankle was full of fluid. Monday evening I did some research and found out that an oil I was not familiar with “Copaiba” had shown healing properties in lab tests to reduce inflammation, pain, stiffness, etc. in the joints, so I switched to just this oil. Thank God I had it because of a free offer earlier this year with Young Living.  I was amazed, when I woke up Tuesday morning (less than 48 hours since the mishap) no swelling, no fluid, knee straightened and the knot I mentioned earlier…. GONE!

Gracious friends, I’m telling YOU God has given us nourishment in the plants and healing in their leaves. NO DOUBT in my mind that He has already given us what we need physically, then He gave us Jesus for spiritual and mental healing too! I’m cheering God today and thanking Him for His provision.

If you use oils, make sure you use therapeutic oils purchased from a reliable source. I use Young Living because their product has been proven for decades and because they are proven whole and pure. If you want information about how you can get therapeutic oils or you want to purchase Copaiba for your medicine cabinet, let me know!

Much love from a gracious heart!