Health and vitality can be yours too when you bring balance to your hormones!

Health and vitality can be yours too when you bring balance to your hormones!

I was so excited to receive an email from Young Living last night about a special discount for women over the next few days… Progessence Plus Serum 15% off the retail or wholesale price. This is especially great for wholesalers because this means you get 35% off the retail price. Progessence Plus Serum gave me back what I was beginning to lose at the onset of menopause! I would highly recommend to ALL WOMEN!

About a year ago I started having a multitude of symptoms; high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and serious anxiety I could not explain. Of course my doctor handed me the standard peri-menopause prescription HRT or hormone replacement therapy. I had NO PEACE about taking it so I began research to determine what my body really needed. No doubt it needed progesterone, but I wanted nothing to do with synthetic anything. I already knew that God provided everything we need in nature; the fruit of the trees and plants for food and their leaves for medicine. It’s right there in Scripture; Genesis, Ezekiel, and Revelation. And Proverbs says that there is oil in the house of a wise man; translated medicine!

I went straight to Young Living because I already knew YLEOs were the gold seal standard of essential oils and that there were a myriad of testimonies already from women using Progessence Plus Serum with great results. So I purchased a bottle and within 3 days of putting two drops of this blend on my neck all the symptoms were gone and have not returned!

Hormonal imbalance can cause a long list of dysfunctions in the body; migraines, metabolic syndrome, depression, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, PMS, bone health issues, hot flashes, low libido, fertility issues, low thyroid, weight gain, and endometriosis. Progessence Plus Serum will balance your hormones* and relieve all of these symptoms and does NOT require cycling the application site! Plus it’s ALL NATURAL good for our bodies what God has given us! Copaiba Oil, Frankincense Oil, Cedar Bark Oil, Vitamin E, Bergamot Peel Oil, Peppermint Oil, USP Progesterone from Wild Yam Extract, Rosewood Oil, and Clove Oil.

Save 15% off the retail or wholesale price from May 1st through the 3rd and give yourself or others the gift of good health and vitality! I’m so glad I gave this gift to myself! No more unexplained anxiety, high blood pressure, or heart palpitations, praise God!!!

Message me if you would like to order Progessence Plus Serum for yourself or others, or if you want more information! Share health and wealth with all you come in contact with!


Charlana Kelly is an independent distributor for Young Living member #1287007. For more info call her at (936) 222-8918!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA; not intended to diagnose or treat.