This information is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I love everything about the powerful health properties of Young Living Essential Oils. Now here are the recipes to make a nontoxic version of all your cleaning products. My body is healthy, now my home will be too. Enjoy! Contact me if you’d like to start using YLEOs. My Distributor # 1287007.

Whole Lifestyle Momma

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Okay, so I’ve put this off for long enough. I’ve been avoiding this for awhile now because quite frankly, I was afraid to find out. I thought I would not have time nor the knowledge to replace everything I use for cleaning products into homemade, pure, non-toxic products. Here I am, with two kids, was working full-time and now a couple weeks out from having another baby. Do I even possibly have time to renovate my cleaning supplies?! Is it even necessary?!

YES and YES.

First things first, I began to research the ingredients in what I was using every day. Here I am, pregnant, with little ones constantly putting things in their mouths. Is what I’m using really safe? I will say this part (researching) took the longest, but now that it’s done it’s so worth it. I’ve done the grunge work for you : ). I took each…

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