charlana pictureAfter living in Florida practically our whole lives, my husband and I moved to Texas in 2011 to fulfill our dream of living in wide open spaces filled with spirited, pioneer people who love life, family, creation and Creator. We’re building a whole new life together in a very small historic town full of beautiful people and surroundings. It’s exciting to wake up every morning and see what will unfold as we plan our homestead, till the ground and grow something new. We’re learning more and more about the things that make us content; a simple life filled with beauty and joy beyond anything we’ve imagined I love my husband; we’ve been married almost 30 years! I couldn’t imagine life with anyone else.

And the best part is that we’re more in love today than we were when we first met. We know the one “uncommon, but consistent denominator” that has made the difference in our lives is Jesus Christ because without Him and God our lives would be a broken down mess. He put us together, wove our hearts into a beautiful tapestry of love and then established our paths as we walk together in unity while bringing heaven to earth by faith in and love for our Savior.

I’d like to share our journey with you; whether it is our love of God and people or creating a beautiful home or homestead. There’ll be Bible studies and chicken coops, handmade treasures making old into new, homemade delicious recipes, and free downloads to add beauty to the lives of all who visit.

Hopefully you will want to stay a while and join us on this journey.

This is a gracious life with family and friends sharing our table and lives together. It is a portrait of kindness and love as we share our gracious home, gracious kitchen, gracious table, gracious family, or gracious love. It’s all about creating an atmosphere around us wherever we are that speaks of God’s beauty and love towards all of His creation, and aspect of our living. It’s not so much about making things happen as it is about living to the full for Christ and allowing God through our everyday acts to reflect His love and joy making for a beautiful life.

A gracious life…it’s a beautiful thing!

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